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While planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and monumental periods in your life, it can also become one of the most stressful.It’s difficult to believe, but according to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory  — a list of the top 43 most stressful life events, as determined by studying 5,000 people — getting married clocks in at #7. For many people, it’s more stressful in terms of the potential impact on your health, than getting fired from your job.

But of course, getting married doesn’t have to be the seventh most stressful experience of your life! As a bride (or groom), you can choose to change your perspective, simplify your plan, and learn healthier ways to manage your emotions. Experience is the best teacher. Herewith some bridal tips shared by brides on how to stay sane and happy throughout the wedding planning process:


  1. Make a “We Don’t Care About…” list.


A bride began her wedding planning in a very smart way: by making a “We Don’t Care About…” list with her husband-to-be. They sat down and made a list of everything they didn’t care about, when it came to the big day.

We Don’t Care About …

: Having many differrent types of entertainment. (Guests will enjoy each other’s company)

: Elaborate stationary ,programs and invitations. ( It eventually ends up in the bin, so we’ll keep it plain and simple)

: First Dance Lessons. (We”ll do fine without, its supposed to be fun, and does’nt have to be perfect)

: Designer or exotic flower walls, installations and arches. (We”ll have flowers for the bouquets only and locally sourced greenery for the rest, coupled with other decor it will be just as beautiful)

The bride sharing this tip said: “By the time we finished writing our “We Don’t Care About…” list, we had pared our wedding down to the absolute essentials. It felt wonderful!”Even if your wedding is just a few weeks (or days!) away, it’s never too late to simplify the plan. It will lighten the emotional weight of the whole event.


  1. Step by step


Take each day at a time. Set up a practical timeline that suits you best and work with it. You know your schedule best so even though many timelines exist on how long your wedding planning should take,  review and alter them to fit your own schedule. Take it step by step and try not to overwhelm yourself with wedding tasks and deadlines.


  1. Set realistic goals & create a routine


We all want to look our best on our wedding day, but sometimes when we push ourselves too hard, our goals can backfire. Instead, set a realistic goal that you know you can achieve. It will make it less intimidating and easier to accomplish. Do some yoga stretching and maybe 10 push-ups or sit-ups every morning before you shower, and then keep building up from there until excersize and stretching in the morning becomes your routine.

The same goes for your eating habits. Read the labels on the foods you’re buying, cook at home more often, take healthy snacks and lunches to work. Don’t deprive yourself, if you want the doughnut, have the doughnut, “treat yourself” every so often, but not every day! To help achieve your goals, create a routine in the that you know you can stick to. Sign up for group fitness classes for a month, schedule them into your calendar and stay committed to completing them. “Replace your happy hours with sweat sessions!


  4.  Let people help


Your fiancé is now your forever partner, so ask him for ideas and input. The more decisions you make together, the closer you will become—and the more personal your wedding will be to the both of you. It’s a great experience to learn how to compromise and choose your battles. In the midst of planning and when the stress kicks in, it is okay to ask for help. While some of us may admit we love the super-woman after feeling, it is wise to detect when you cannot do it alone and ask for help.

There is family, the wedding party and friends; a pool of people you can trust to help when you need them. Instead of stressing, enlist your loved ones to help cross things off that list. People want to help with the wedding day, so ask them, and truly open your heart to receiving it. And remember of course, to thank them accordingly.


  1. Stop trying to be perfect


Letting go of perfection is one of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding. No matter how well organized you are, make peace with the fact that you cannot control every aspect of the big day. Resist the temptation to catastrophize—if your dream of an outdoor wedding is compromised by a looming thunderstorm, your wedding is not ruined. Always have a plan B.


  1. Don’t compare yourself to others


With all the pool of gorgeous wedding photos flying over the internet day after day it can be pretty easy to unconsciously (or maybe consciously) get into the “competitive” phase. Planning your wedding to be the perfect pinterest wedding or to be better than the last family wedding would bring you nothing but agony and stress. The well-known saying about comparison being the thief of joy definitely holds true here. Remember that your wedding is first and foremost a celebration of your love, and everyone’s love and wedding journey is unique.


  1. Do it for you


With wedding planning, many ideas are usually exchanged between yourself, family and friends on what your wedding should look or be like.The wedding planner has his/her professional ideas, your bridesmaids have their own ideas and preferences, and parents also provide input with theirs. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when considering everyones opinions, and naturaly, you want to make the people around you happy too. In times like these, as a bride, you should go with your intuition and “gut”.Deep down you will know what it is you truly want, speak up and make sure everyone knows how you feel.

This is the one time in your life where you are allowed to be a little bit selfish.Your wedding day only comes around once in your life (hopefully) so make sure it represent who you and your husband to be are and plan the day that the two of you would like to have.This is not to say ignore advice and help from others but run every decision by your vision first and filter properly.At the end of the day, it is Your big day, everyone else will have their wedding day or have had their day already .You and your husband will be the ones that think of and look back on this day the most.


  1. Take a break


Declare wedding-free days and zones. Don’t let the details of wedding planning hijack every moment’s thought and every conversation. Stay curious about what is going on in your friends’ lives. Spend time with the person you are marrying without bringing up the wedding. Focusing on things other than the wedding will help keep things in perspective.

This means not talking about the wedding, not trolling the Internet about weddings. By taking a pause, the wedding planning that follows will seem less arduous and draining.


  1. Enjoy the journey


‘Good stress’ is still stress. Brides-to-be sometimes feel guilty that they are not enjoying every moment of what is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of their life. There will be a million decisions to make and endless details to plan to get you to your wedding day. It is crucial to remember that the journey of planning your wedding is as important and meaningful as the final product itself. Whether you’re picking out bridal or groom attire, planning the party, or making floral decisions, the journey should be exciting, fun, and memorable in good ways. Try to remember this in the midst of the chaos and planning.It might seem hard to believe at times but you will miss it when it’s over.


  1. Most of all, remember :You’re marrying your sweetie!


It’s understandable that you want everything to be flawless on this important day.But don’t forget what your wedding day is really about: making a public commitment to the one that you adore. A person who can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle … who thinks you are so beautiful … and who can’t believe how lucky he (or she) is to have found you. All of the other details pale in comparison to the bigness + amazingness of Love.

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In the words of Lau Tzu:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength;

Loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Keep it simple. Be courageous.Savor the experience!

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