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    During the Middle ages, it was believed that taking an article of the brides clothing would bring you good luck. This tradition led to nervous and unhappy brides, as eager wedding guests tore off pieces of the brides beautiful wedding dress.As a result, the bride and groom began tossing out pieces of the brides wedding attire to distract the guests and keep them form ripping the brides gown. From there, the garter tossing which modern brides know today originated.


    Whether you want to follow the age old wedding tradition of tossing the garter, or starting a new family tradition of having a heirloom garter, Limerence will have the perfect garter for you.Their bespoke collection of beautiful toss and keepsake garters are all made on order which allow brides-to-be the opportunity to customize their preferred design.


    Do you have a piece of lace from your mother's wedding dress? Or a trinket from granny? Contact Limerence and let them create something precious and timeless for you.


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