When asking any newlywed bride about her wedding day, she will tell you that it goes by faster than you can imagine. Tensions run high, and a checklist and some do’s and don’ts can really help you stay on course and stay calm. Below we have listed some top tips to make your special day run smoothly and ensure you enjoy every moment.

1. Don’t stress about things that’s out of your control.

Weddings have many moving parts, and even if you plan your wedding day to a T, you can’t control everything and things can still go wrong.

Flower girls will cry, zippers will break, and rain will start pouring down when least expected..

Through any obstacle, remember what’s important.You are marrying the love of you life and that’s what matters most.As the bride you will set the mood at the wedding so It won’t matter if the storm of the century is sweeping through, if you’re all smiles and happy, your guests will have a good time too. Always have a plan B though, especially if you have an outdoor ceremony or reception. Come what may, be fully present in every moment, and have the day you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Check your wedding shoes and heel stoppers

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but is so easily forgotten during all the excitement of the day. If you have an outside ceremony and wearing heel stoppers, remember to take them off after the ceremony.
Take them off before starting with the pictures and the reception. They will show on your wedding pictures, and make the dancing difficult if you forget this tiny detail.

Make sure you can walk comfortably in your wedding shoes and ad silicone heel pads if needed. Your feet will tire from being on your heels the whole day, so remember to pack a pair of flat shoes for later the evening. You will not enjoy the  evening part of your wedding reception, much less dance the night away with sore and aching feet.

3. Take a moment just for you & your new husband

In between your guests congratulating you and all the picture taking and speeches, remember to take some time just for the two of you. Savor the moment, and take it all in. Do something special together to remember. Years after your wedding, you will think of this moment and it will make you smile.

4. Remember pictures with friends and family

This one seems straight forward but can be tricky. Your photographer should set up a timeline for your wedding pictures, taking into consideration everyone that needs to be photographed with the couple on the day.

Your couple photo session will likely take up most of the scheduled photo time so be sure to ask your photographer throughout the wedding if he was able to get all the required shots with family and friends.If not additional time can be scheduled for photo taking. Most weddings run a bit behind schedule so its important to keep track of this.You might otherwise end up not having any pictures with your guest tables or distant relatives and friends.

If you’re making use of a photo booth for your guests, make sure the MC announces this so that everyone can go in a certain timeslot to take pictures with you.

5. Don’t forget to eat 

During all the events of the day and build up to the ceremony, eating will be the last thing on your mind. Make sure you eat something for breakfast or brunch, depending on what time of day your wedding is. If you have an afternoon wedding be sure to have a snack so you don’t feel faint during the ceremony.

Sip and eat lightly thoughout the day and try to avoid food and drinks that will make you bloat.Pre wedding champagne and carbonated beverages being a huge culprit.

At the reception guest will be clamoring for your attention, but try to make a point of sitting down and having dinner with your new husband.Taste and enjoy all of your wedding food and your wedding cake.A good rule of thumb here: Whenever your guests are eating you should be eating too.

6. Pack a survival kit for your wedding day

First, your survival kit should include a makeup touch up kit. As the day progresses you will want to freshen up so you can stay gorgeous throughout your wedding festivities.

Make sure to ask your make up artist if she will provide a touch up kit for you on the day. Ask her prior at the makeup trial, that way you’ll know if you need to buy a matching lipstick for example or if she will provide some for your kit.

Other handy things to include in your kit are – baby wipes (they are excellent for dress stains), breath mints, compact mirror, aspirin/ibuprofen, band-aids, bobby pins and some perfume or deodorant.

Keep your kit in your wedding clutch, or ask one of your bridesmaids to keep it for you.

7. Have a buffer

Aside from your wedding coordinator, you should appoint a buffer. Buffers are people who intercept information so you aren’t made aware of any problems on the day. They should only relay information to the bride should they deem it to be pertinent and all other options, (such as discussing it with the wedding coordinator or bridal party) has been exhausted.

This person should take your phone calls and handle any situation that might arise on behalf of the bride. Whether it be difficult family dynamics, procedural changes or unruly guests. Designate this task to someone you trust.

During the reception the buffer person should also be there to pull you away, should they see your great aunt or distant relative talk your ear off, seemingly unaware that its your wedding day. This person is usually a bridesmaid, matron of honor, or close family member.

9. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready

Go to bed early the night before the wedding. Some brides prefer taking a sleeping aid, to ensure that they get a good nights rest. Get up early on the morning of your wedding to give yourself enough time to get ready.

You want to be able to relax on the day and enjoy spending time with your bridesmaids and bridal party, without having to stress over whether you’ll finish in time.

10. Limit the amount of drinks you have at your wedding

The final and maybe most important wedding tip. Your wedding is without a doubt the one-day in your life that you will want to remember forever.

What’s more, this is also the one-day that all your and your husband’s family and friends will be together in one place, with all eyes on you.Therefore in brief, don’t drink too much. Have a glass of water between drinks or opt for drinks with lower alcohol content. You can have a ball of a time, and be the belle of the ball but still remain poised and elegant throughout the day. This tip of course goes for the groom as well.

We hope you found at least one of these tips for your wedding day helpful. Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know, comment below or contact us through one of our pages on facebook or instagram.

– The Wedding Gateway


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