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Recently Engaged?Congratulations!! 

You’ve gotten engaged recently, now what? Where do you start?We’ve compiled a list of valuable things to consider early on in the planning process to help you get started and keep you on the right track.Brides-to-be can also download and print our wedding planning checklist to assist with all the planning and details.

  1. Size of Guest list

Determining the size of your guest list early on is important, as the amount of guests will largely determine your choice of venue. Keep in mind that not everyone invited may be able to attend your wedding. Having booked a larger venue you might end up having unwanted space. Being cramped in a venue, is not ideal, but an oversized reception hall will also not provide the ambience and romantic feel that you had hoped for.Larger venues are usually more costly too.

  1. Photographers & Photo Styles

One shoe does not fit all here. Photography style is an important aspect of your decision-making and should factor into how you choose your wedding photographer.The style of photography will ultimately dictate the look and feel of your wedding pictures.

Ask your photographer about his/her style of photography and also ask to see pictures of the last three weddings that they shot or have a look at their profile online. It’s important that you feel at ease around your photographer too so it’s just as crucial for you to choose someone that you feel comfortable with. You might feel more comfortable with a female photographer than a male photographer, you might prefer a duo man and woman, these are all things to consider.

Decide if you prefer documentary style, natural or photojournalistic photography.Do your research to assure that you know the different attributes of each style. You don’t want to feel akward and pose for portrait pictures if you wanted more natural documentary style or artistic pictures for instance. Ask your photographer about their style, and know which questions to ask.

Angles and light are so important when it comes to wedding pictures, especially as a bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. You want to reflect back on this day with fond memories and beautiful pictures. Flattering angles does make a difference!Speak to your photographer about this prior to your wedding day so that he/or she can take this into consideration on the day.

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  1. Plated or Buffet

You are bound to encounter the big plated or buffet debacle somewhere during your wedding planning journey. Catering will take up a very large part of your budget, if not the largest. It’s therefore useful to know the pros and cons for both options beforehand to make the best-informed decision, and know the implication of each on your wedding proceedings and budget.

There are no right or wrong answers here, you should select the catering style that is best suited for your wedding and you and your husband’s personal preferences.

  • Lets start with plated.

The pre-plated option ensures that all your guests are served at the same time; this is beneficial as it makes working around your wedding timeline and wedding schedule much easier. It also ensures that the food doesn’t dry out whilst standing before being served to your guests. Plated is the more elegant and visually pleasing option as well. It’s also the appropriate choice for a more formal wedding.

You can also opt for a family style food setting where food is placed on the tables instead and everyone can serve themselves at their table. This makes for a more informal setting.

  • Buffet Style

Buffet style is popular at many weddings.The obvious negative aspect of a buffet though is that your guests will have to get up and dish their own meal and in doing so possibly be left standing in a cue for a while. However being able to select what you would like to have on your plate and the quantity of each is a positive.This is especially helpful if you don’t offer a menu selection prior to your wedding and you have guests with different dietary requirements.

A buffet offers a bigger variety of food for your guests and tend to set a more informal tone.The choice will therefore depend largely on your personal style and preference and that of your guests. The overall mood and theme of your wedding will also play a big part in your decision and whether you want a more formal or informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Keep in mind that a buffet can be difficult to make a success of as food dry out easily if it’s kept hot for long periods. Ask your venue or caterer how they will ensure that food stays warm throughout service but doesn’t get spoilt by drying out.

  1. Videography

Videography is something that often falls in the shadow of its counterpart photography, which is such a pity.A video captures the emotions of the day in a way that photography alone cannot. Due to the cost many brides forgo a videographer in order to hire a good photographer. Videography is however something that we would highly recommend brides put in their wedding budget from the get go. There are certain parts of your wedding that you won’t be able to relive the same way through pictures. A highlights video is the perfect way to capture those special moments. One look at your highlights and you will be transported right back to your wedding day. Many photographers and videographers offer both services to their brides as part of their wedding package at better rates.

5. You will miss it 

During all the stress of planning for months, there will be times when you really can’t imagine missing this part of your wedding journey, but when it’s all over, you probably will. Some time after when wedding albums have been made and thank you cards sent, you will start to reminisce about the little things that you loved planning and wish you could plan all over again, so enjoy every moment thereof and keep this in mind when you feel overwhelmed.

If you tend to over stress and over think things, like most brides do, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about natural remedies and the best ways to calm pre-wedding nerves.It’s natural to feel nervous before big events.When those events are truly life changing and have all your friends and family present, its even more natural to feel stressed.There are many relaxation techniques and a number of herbal calming remedies that work to calm nerves, so don’t be afraid to ask. Read our 10 Tips for your wedding day and Bridal Tips to stay sane and happy 

We hope that you found these tips helpful. Share your own wedding tips and experience with us. Contact us through our website or any one of our social media pages! Spread the love


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